Aug 282011

Well my non-stop summer trips have finally come to an end. San Francisco presentations went great & some very positive new work may come from it – keeping my fingers crossed for a chance to go to the Tokyo International Film Fest.

Then SIGGRAPH in Vancouver was good. Our Vroom installation was well received and I even brought my avatar to the show (see photo below). The overall attendance & exhibition floor continues to shrink, but the Studio was larger than ever & there was some good work to be experienced in the Art Gallery & eTech.

My avatar at SIGGRAPH on the OptiPortables

And finally I just came back from Prague where I gave a presentation at CIANT‘s Transistor S3D workshop. This was my second visit to Prague after almost 10 years & it was great to experience it with CIANT to witness the amazing transformation of a historic world capital into a modern techno-metropolis.

Prague TV Tower

I also sent my avatar to Philadelphia for the Distributed Collectives. This was my first show with the Manifest.AR international artist collective. There was a lot of great work & conversations about augmented reality.

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